Friday, May 22, 2009

NYC, Take 2

I spent the beginning of this week at a friends apartment in Queens, NY. While there, I realized how lucky I am to have friends with couches, and how much more terrifying the question "Was this my napkin?" is in the city.

This is a video I recorded periodically over the days I was there, using my iPhone.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Semi-annual maybe happening again biweekly Playlist!

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My Car

(There are actually 10 tracks, sorry it's falling off the side.)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I was denied my request of a ($1) Children's Miracle Network donation by a man wearing a "Peace, Love, and Harmony" shirt.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Over the weekend, I found out someone had obtained my debit card number, and went on the mini spending spree they could. One of the charges was an account on

What are you trying to say?

The other charges were all on, get ready...internet security sites! Yes. Hilarious.

So I called Wachovia. They may want to consider the whole automated service thing. I was pretty angry, and sat there pressing numbers until I was connected to presumably an AIG (AIU, Velcro?) scapegoat who is hating his life and had to take a position with the lowly Wachovia. Please, put the machine back on. I came to the conclusion that before we made the brash decision of cutting myself off, along with the unknown spender from my account, that I should withdraw what I could so I had something to spend.

His words: "Do not delay!!" Okay, you were dead for the rest of the phone call, now you have a cape. I hung up and prayed to the orange lion in the sky that upon calling back I would receive someone else.

And I did.

I'm assuming she had the phone inside of her mouth. But, after much repeating on her behalf, my card was canceled. Today I found two more charges from May 1st that have gone through that were not me. How exciting.

This also led me to carefully go down the list of recent spending on my card. Apparently, two weeks before this started, this person used my card to buy pretzels at Auntie Annes..twice. In one day.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

And it's time to get this party started.

How do you know which team you prefer? Personally, I think I was born this way.

Today, feeling particularly proud, I wore my brightly colored socks and matching undershirt, and vowed not to let the disrespect from fellow Pennsylvanians get in my way. Some are much more obvious, but I definitely wouldn't consider myself a "hundred footer."

I'm sure many have questioned. And as I sit here, watching people like myself on television and hoping the neighbors don't hear, it has gone on too long. I'm going to call my mom and tell her. I like the Mets.

Disclaimer: I wrote this before they lost due to walking a run in during the 10th inning. Now I'm questioning. And why did the Mets get a pitcher with the last name "Putz?" Really, guys. Sometimes I think we set ourselves back.